Torah Reading: Parshat Shlach

Next read on 21 June 2025


Portion:   Shlach = Send out שְׁלַח       (Hebrew)
Book:   Bamidbar = Numbers Section:       13:1-15:41
Shlach is the 4th book of the 5 books of the Torah.
Context:   The Israelites are wandering in the desert.

This portion refers to the fact that Moses had previously sent out 12 spies from among the Israelites in the desert encampment, to scout the Promised Land.

10 of them reported back that the Canaanites, who hold "the land of milk and honey", are too powerful to conquer.

Only two spies, Joshua and Caleb, courageously dissent from the majority's defeatist report.

As fear spreads in their wilderness encampment following the spies' gloomy account, the Israelites insist they were better off as slaves in Egypt.

Doing so, they doom themselves to God's punishment that they spend 40 years wandering in the wilderness until a new generation of free men and women, who did not know slavery, can lead them to the Promised Land.

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This Torah portion - Parshat Shlach - will next be read on 21 June 2025
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The Torah - the Five Books of Moses - is read publicly in synagogues every Sabbath on an annual cycle.
The cycle begins each year with Bereishit (Genesis), which is read on the Sabbath following the Simchat Torah festival.

Each of these weekly readings is known as a Parsha, or portion.
The Torah is also read in shorter segments of the Parsha on Mondays and Thursdays, and in selected sections on festivals.

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